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  2. In-Situ U–Pb Dating of Apatite by Hiroshima-SHRIMP: Contributions to Earth and Planetary Science
  3. Sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe
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Sample Stage Standard 25mm diameter sample mounts — Thin section holder or large diameter mega-mount options. Fully automated sample transfer. Total computer control of sample stage movements — Multiple sample coordinates can be stored and revisited.

Aussie excellence

Up to three samples at one time can be stored in the vacuum lock In addition, two more samples can be placed in the specimen chamber, allowing for the easy comparison of a standard with an unknown. Seconday Ion Beam 90 degree angle extraction of the secondary beam to minimise instrumental discrimination. Large aperture eliminates sample-to-sample memory Low field gradient extraction minimizes inter-element discrimination. Triple quadrupole lens matching of secondary beam for maximum transmission.


Simultaneous collection of secondary and mass analysed beams for maximum precision of analysis. Large mm radius electrostatic analyser. Isotopic mapping of samples accomplished by rastering sample beneath primary beam. Elegant, simple integrated ion lens system minimizes beam abberations and simplifies operation. High mass dispersion achieved with large mm radius sector electromagnet. Ion counting with robust, high gain, high speed electron multiplier, or Ion current measurement via Faraday cup and electrometer.

Advanced, low-noise electrometers, with computer-configurable gain and settling time.

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Multi-Collector option Five channels of Faraday cups or electron multipliers. Fully reconfigurable under vacuum; no lost time in re-pumping. Most variables adjustable under computer control slit size, head spacing, focus.

In-Situ U–Pb Dating of Apatite by Hiroshima-SHRIMP: Contributions to Earth and Planetary Science

Instrument Control PC platform standard. Entire vacuum system under microprocessor control. Highly intuitive, easy-to-use graphically orientated operation of entire machine. Remote operation via the web, allowing monitoring or real-time control.

Optional Automated operation for unattended operation and sample pre-screening. Applications Examining stellar nucleosynthesis. Calibrating the Palaeozoic time-scale. Examining the oldest zircons in the solar system. Measuring trace elements in diamond inclusions. Investigating Ti isotopic ratios in meteorites.

Sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe

Determining Pb isotopic composition of lunar granites. Paleoclimatology from oxygen isotope ratios in fossil apatite. The Nd isotopic analyses of the three samples emphasize the polycyclic evolution of the batholith, which is much more complex than previously realized. These orogenic events were followed 1. This time gap permits us to identify a long intracratonic period—the Atlantica supercontinent.

Research Highlights

The unraveling of the Proterozoic evolution and the precise characterization of the basement remnants show that the Paleoproterozoic was a crust-building, orogenic interval and was the major source of the much later Neoproterozoic granites. The integrated use of back-scattered electron and cathodoluminescence imaging with SHRIMP spot dating and Nd isotopes provide a clear understanding of the timing of crustal generation and deformation in southern Brazil, including strong evidence for a long-lasting supercontinent cycle.

Smarter prospecting

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