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If the marking is rectangular in shape with a separate circular crest above the rectangle, the marking may indicate Gyokuzan, in which case the vase likely dates from to -- the Meiji period. One such character indicates "bizan," which translates to "beautiful. Look for a marking with gold Japanese characters on a black background in a square form, with gold lining the square.

This marking may indicate that the vase was produced by the Kinkozan family; the Kinkozan family's primary production period was from to Certain websites, such as gotheborg. If the bottom of a vase is marked "Royal Satsuma," it is not an original Satsuma, as real Satsuma vases do not have English markings.

Japanese Satsuma Pottery

Following the popularity of Satsuma ware at the exhibition [21] and its mention in Audsley and Bowes ' Keramic Art of Japan in , the two major workshops producing these pieces, those headed by Boku Seikan and Chin Jukan, were joined by a number of others across Japan. Eager to tap into the burgeoning foreign market, producers adapted the nishikide Satsuma model. The resulting export style demonstrated an aesthetic thought to reflect foreign tastes. They were typically decorated with "'quaint' There was new interest in producing decorative pieces okimono , such as figurines of beautiful women bijin , animals, children and religious subjects.

The mids saw the beginning of an export slump for many Japanese goods, including Satsuma ware, linked in part to a depreciation of quality and novelty through mass production. By the s, contemporary Satsuma ware had become generally denigrated by critics and collectors.

It was negatively received at Chicago's Columbian Exposition of , but remained a popular export commodity into the twentieth century, becoming "virtually synonymous with Japanese ceramics" throughout the Meiji period. The response of critics and collectors to mass-produced Satsuma ware was and is overwhelmingly negative. According to art historian Gisela Jahn, "in no other style of ceramics did the Japanese go to such extremes in attempting to appeal to Western tastes, and nowhere else were the detrimental effects of mass production more clearly evident".

In addition to the nishikide and export ware types, there are various categories of Satsuma ware, each with their own distinct aesthetic. Not all producers of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Satsuma ware sacrificed quality to pander to the export boom. Most of these artists set up etsuke workshops around , coinciding with the export slump. Although they did export, stylistically their pieces demonstrated a wish to return to tradition.

I have a satsuma I think incense burner, it has 3 symbol marks, in gold. Need your expertise on this one.

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Please see the valuation service we recommend using. Intricate design,writings on bottom are in gold. Would love someone to authenticate it. I saw one, probably Japanese, tea set without any stamp. It depends on how badly it is damaged I guess! Im not a collector of porcelain or earthenware, but lately I received three vases: And as I know, damaged items are normally not worth to keep. So I actually dont need a valuation, but I would like to get an advice: All I know about the vase: So I ask myself, if it is a mass produced vase or a genuine antique piece.

In the latter case I would probably not throw it away. Proper antiques only have hand painted marks in Japanese text and without any English at all.

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I suspect you have one of the mass-produced pieces that were made in the Satsuma style when it became popular. I have a large vase.

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The pattern has little raised dots all over it, with almost a quilt pattern and pink roses and gold handles at the top , with a small mouth. Can you tell me any thing about it? If they have the Shimazu mark hand painted then they are likely to be antique.

Satsuma Dating: Browse Satsuma, AL Singles & Personals

However, I cannot give appraisals as I am just a collector. Please use the online valuation service we recommend. Hi i have two peices of royal satsuma with the marks you show above the shimazu mark one is an egg about 6or 7 inches high and the other is like a trinket box about 7inch by 4inch and has very nice pictures and raised bumps over the whole box and egg was wondering if they are worth anything abd they are both in perfect condition no chips scratches or marks on them would be thankful if you could give me any info.

Just stumbled upon this in my grandmothers house!

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  8. Hi I have 2 of what I tho k are satsuma mini vases they are only about 4in tall. One has a dig a tyre on the bottom and one has just some lines. I would just like to know what the writing says. Have you got email I can send some pictures to show.

    How to Date Japanese Satsuma Vases

    Without images and markings it will be impossible to verify if you really have any real Satsuma pieces. I am also unable to give any valuations — if you have some images or can take them please use the online antique valuation service we recommend. Skip to content I get messages over at our facebook page that accompanies this site, asking if pieces of inherited or bought pottery are genuine and if I can give an approximate value. Check for English words first.