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Relationship expert Caroline Kent tests out dating app Tinder for a week. Here's how she fared.
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Tinder review: a woman's perspective

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For one I think this site is sexist and allows men to degrade women and insult women with no consequences and do whatever they want.

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Most of these men on this site are just looking for sex and lie and say they want a relationship or something long term to get it. Once they realize that they might not get it they get nasty and mean and kick the girl to the curb to move on to the next victim. Women have to go through so much with trying to find a man on here that is not just looking to get in her pants if she actually want a real relationship and not just a hook up.

Most of the men on this site that I have encountered are rude, mean, shallow, conceited and think because they are a man they can act whatever way they want. It also seems odd that most of the reviews here are from men. Makes you wonder who is running this site. Then you have men putting stupid stuff on their profile like the reason all you women are single is because you put him in the friend zone.

I mean really low quality men on here! A lot of drug users, men who are cheating. This site will make you feel like a piece of meat and valued at all. Since last year I've had 4, fake profiles asking me to give them my email address. And I've met 23 women for dates, all of them ugly as. Not a very nice crowd. Lately I've started to see new profiles of absolutely super hot women Red Flag. I would select that I liked them.

To my surprise, they all liked me back another Red Flag! When I would go to the Mutual liked page, the profiles didn't exist anymore. When you message some accounts, you could tell they were bots replying with canned responses, totally unrelated to the message you. Most of the replies try to get you to message them off the POF site. This looks as though POF has created fake accounts to get unpaid members to pay in order to contact specific users.

This seems to be unique to males messaging women, in that none of my women friends on POF have ever even seen this type of paid members only notification. Red Flag When we started to talk amongst ourselves, we realized, NONE of us even knew how to set our profiles to block unpaid members. We eventually did find the setting. I've been a member of POF for a number of years and decided to upgrade and pay for membership this year.

This past weekend after chatting with another member for a couple weeks, I uploaded pics to my profile and shared them privately with this member.

421 Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I then deleted them from my profile. Shortly after this I went to upload a couple more and was faced with a message telling me my uploading privileges had been revoked. After multiple emails to POF demanding an explanation they replied with this:. Please be advised that your uploading privileges have been revoked. Your account was found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions as you have uploaded offensive material, indecent images, or re-posted images after having received an image warning.

This ban cannot be reset. No nudity or anything inappropriate whatsoever.

Sorry POF but you just lost a paying subscriber and ongoing member. Fraud, scam and theft on this website!!! Do not pay for new features like webcam! I'M still waiting for my money back, but nothing. Be very careful and do not send your card details. I made a few decent connections on POF, but recently it's being overrun with these gorgeous young women profiles that are clearly fake.

8 Signs That Girl You Met On The Internet Is Fake

They use the same "tagline" and if you upload their profile pic to Tineye. Reporting them is useless as I half believe it's POF itself doing this. The bottom line is NO gorgeous woman whose picture is a perfect body and face is going to be on POF, which in reality is for the older, plain-faced, overweight woman majority - sorry, but true. Please help, I am not aware of an account that I have with POF and they are taking money from my bank account. I cannot log in as I don't know the user details to inform them to close it down.

I cannot find a contact email or phone number to write to them. There are no real people who will ever show up on that tab. Also people there tend to be incredibly shallow, vapid and downright mean. All it will do is kill your self-confidence. Oh also someone tried to catfish me.

Free lifetime hookup complaints - Free Chat Without Taboo

I want to add some more to my previous review. I have a POF setting that prevents people from messaging me unless their message is 50 characters in length. I thought that would stop the sexbots from emailing me. But I just got a message from a sexbot and the message was "Hey there!

Even when I click on "Who's Online", I see at least sexbots.

I think that POF is officially dead. Markus must have gotten greedy and decided that he could make more off of sexbots and die hard loyalists than before when it was just upgraded members.